Will China Decide The Next US President? Documentary: American Republic vs CCP

TikTok — an app often used for entertainment. But could it be a tool for China? And is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) using TikTok to manipulate the presidential election while creating chaos and division in the United States?

Join investigative journalist Simone Gao as she explores the unprecedented danger America now faces from the CCP. She will reveal how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used to hijack TikTok’s unique algorithm in order to efficiently spread targeted propaganda to American citizens.

Through interviews with Chinese AI insiders and American military and technology experts, as well as deep research into the effectiveness of prior CCP propaganda efforts, Simone will uncover the extent of the danger TikTok represents.

Does the U.S. have a plan to counter the CCP? And is it enough to save the Republic?