Will a More Powerful Supreme Court Help or Hurt America?

In this edition we look at the Supreme Court. All Americans are affected by decisions made by the Supreme Court. Since the end of World War II, these rulings have changed how state legislatures draw congressional districts, stripped legal protections from unborn children, and stopped school children from praying before classes begin. The Founding Fathers created each of the three branches of the federal government in the first three articles of the Constitution. Because the legislative branch was created in Article One, legal scholars agree that Congress is to have primacy in the government. Article Two is the executive branch, and Article Three is the judicial branch, which includes the Supreme Court. In this edition of “Zooming In,” we examine how this third branch of government became so powerful and what it means to national politics when a liberal Court transitions into a conservative Court. We go behind-the-scenes with participants who share their experiences in Supreme Court cases.