What Happened in Michigan at 4 a.m. on Nov. 4?

Yesterday Joe Biden declared victory. He promised he would bring the country together. This is a nice gesture, However, half the country is yet to be convinced this has been a fair and transparent election. Before questions are answered and justice is served, the country cannot move on. So today we will continue to talk about what really happened to this election. Specifically what happened on the morning of November 4th.

On election night, when most people went to bed, they had the impression that Donald Trump was in a good position to win, pulling a large single digit or double digit lead in most battleground states when over 75 percent of the votes had been counted. However, the next morning, people woke up to big surprises. Trump’s lead in Michigan and Wisconsin disappeared. Distance between the two candidates in other battleground states have significantly narrowed. A lot happened during that night. Some seemed to be clerical mistakes that led to incorrect ballot counts. However, even after the mistake was corrected, there are still questions left to be answered.

In this episode, I talk to a Detroit election monitor who worked on election night and the next morning observing the ballot count. What she saw and experienced during that period is very concerning. It raised more questions about the transparency and legitimacy of this election rather than clearing those doubts for us. Nevertheless, these are important facts for our country no matter what the election results will be. So let’s get started learning these facts.