Decoupling the U.S. Capital Market from China, Now or Never

A Joint Production of Zooming In and The Epoch Times

If you ask any American whether hundreds of billions of U.S. tax dollars — including federal employee pension funds — should go into Chinese companies that pose national security threats to the U.S., are human rights abusers and engage in fraudulent practices, they would say no, of course not. But that’s exactly what has been going on for years. And the appalling fact is that it is very hard to stop that practice because Wall Street is making tons of money from it; everyone else is doing it, there seems to be no other viable alternatives, and it might be too late to decouple now. But is it really too late? What’s the true face of these investments? Can they bring financial security to Americans, or will they make the country more vulnerable? Is now the last chance to change it?