When CCP Is Empowered by Big Tech; An Interview with Huawei Big Data Expert

In Zooming In’s recent documentary movie “The American Republic vs the CCP, ” Simone interviewed a Chinese big data expert, former Huawei employee Jack. In this episode of Zooming In, we will present the full interview of Jack by Simone.

They discussed the possible joint venture between TikTok and Oracle; whether it would be a safe arrangement for the American people; and whether Oracle itself is trustworthy.

TikTok said it stores data in Singapore and the U.S. and that China doesn’t have access to it. Can we trust them?

The Chinese national security agencies are stationed in big tech companies for the sole purpose of using their data to do their surveillance job. How should America deal with a totalitarian state empowered by big data and artificial intelligence?

Simone and Jack discussed these questions and more.