Were Some Ballots Counted Twice in Wayne County, Michigan?

Were some of the precinct ballots in Wayne County, Michigan, counted twice?

The county showed mismatches between poll book records and ballot tallies. The board of canvassers first refused to certify the election results but then reversed its decision. What really happened? Is there a problem with Wayne County’s ballot counting? We need to get to the bottom of this before people can accept the county’s decision.

In this episode, we speak with two people. Wilma Butler worked as a tabulator at the TCF Center in Detroit. She has a firsthand account of what she actually counted at the counting board. I also interviewed Sandy Groth, a retired deputy clerk in Michigan who explained the election laws in the state.

The interview with Ms. Butler comes in two parts. The second part is about her experience with the Republican poll challengers that she disagreed with. I will put the second part of her interview in our other programs. Today, we will show the first part of this interview.