The Ongoing Danger of the Three Gorges Dam | Parts 1-3

Part 1: Will It Become a Military Target?

The Yangtze River basin has just experienced a fifth flood this past week, and the Three Gorges Dam has experienced the largest flood inflow since the dam was built. Does this mean the most dangerous period of flooding in the Yangtze River is over? What danger is looming on the horizon for the Three Gorges Dam? And will It become a military target?

Simone sits down with Wang Weiluo, German-Chinese hydraulic engineer, to discuss the ongoing danger and security vulnerabilities of the Three Gorges Dam.

Part 2: A Fatal Collapse?

Today, we sit down with Mr. Wang Weiluo, a top water expert, to discuss how the fatal structural flaws of the Three Gorges Dam could induce earthquakes and flooding and eventually cause the dam to suffer a devastating blow.

In our last conversation, we touched upon two potential risks that would lead to the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam. The first is in the event of a military conflict; the second is the safety of the dam in the event of a terrorist attack. What other dangers are looming for the Chinese people living downstream?

Part 3: Flood is Caused by Reservoirs and Dams

Previously in our exclusive interview with top water expert Mr. Wang Weiluo, we talked about the cracks appearing on the Three Gorges Dam that could lead to earthquakes in the residential areas in the reservoir region. How is this different from the dam deforming? What would happen if numerous consecutive natural disasters were to hit the dam? And how capable is the dam of preventing floods?

In this episode, Mr. Wang Weiluo explains how exactly the flooding was caused by excessive construction of reservoirs and dams.