Is it a Political Vetting of Troops? DNI Assessed China Interfered in Election, CIA Suppressed Info

Twelve Army National Guard members are being removed from Inauguration duty in Washington, D.C.; The Director of National Intelligence assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, but CIA officers suppressed such information; and the Trump administration gives Chinese telecom giant Huawei a final blow. We cover these topics with Neil McCabe, correspondent for The Tennessee Star.

Pence Turned; Congress Turned, Will New ‘Political Correctness’ Overturn Election on Jan. 6?

On Jan. 2, Vice President Mike Pence said he welcomed efforts by Republican lawmakers to challenge electoral college results on Jan. 6. This, after Pence asked a court to dismiss Congressman Gohmert’s lawsuit aimed at letting him overturn the election. Did he change under political pressure?