Is America Shifting to the Right? And Which Party is Riding the Tide?

President Trump’s State of the Union address is what a lot of people didn’t expect. In my opinion, it’s the most unifying and presidential speech he’s given so far. What did this address achieve? What did it not achieve? Looking forward, how will the country’s biggest challenges be dealt with? I spoke with two authors from both sides. Thomas B. Reston has spent a lifetime in politics, working in eight presidential campaigns at the national level and in countless local and statewide efforts. He is a civil rights advocate and author of Soul of a Democrat. Tom Del Beccaro is an author from the Republican side. He served as the California Republican Party chairman from 2011 to 2013, founded Political Vanguard, and is the author of The Divided Era. I gave both of them plenty of time to elaborate their views. I believe a Socratic dialectic in which both sides strive to bring out the best of their reasonings is the only way we as a nation can come to sound solutions to the problems we face. At Zooming In, we strive to achieve this. In order to present their ideas more coherently, I only included one person’s interview in each episode. This edition is dedicated to Mr. Tom Del Beccaro.