Does the Far-Left Element of the Democrats Speak to the Soul of the Party?

In this country, we’re having a heated debate over the path to the future: border security, abortion, drug addiction, socialism and so on. Oftentimes, such debates are reduced to short partisan soundbites connected or disrupted by commercial breaks. That is not helpful. I happen to believe that a Socratic dialectic in which both sides strive to bring out the best of their reasoning is a much better way, and perhaps the only way, we as a nation can come to sound solutions to the problems we face. I know dirty politics exists beyond the realm of words, but when words go deep, truth also comes out. This is what Socrates did 2,500 years ago. At Zooming In we try to follow in his footsteps. The last edition of Zooming In focused on Thomas Del Beccaro, author of The Divided Era, from the Republican side. In this edition, I interviewed Thomas B. Reston, author of Soul of a Democrat.