What Did She Not Reveal? Part 1

We will focus our investigation on Dr. Yan Li-meng, a new whistleblower from Hong Kong who was interviewed by Fox News about the CCP’s coverup of the pandemic. In the interview, Dr. Yan said she had uncovered evidence that the Chinese authorities were aware of human-to-human transmission of the outbreak in late December.

Most of that information had already been made public, so why would Fox News spend 13 minutes of their broadcast focused on that information, despite having 4 hours of interview material with Dr. Yan? What did they leave out? How early did the Chinese government know this could become a pandemic?

The Fox News interview did not address these questions, but we did. Two weeks ago, in our one-hour documentary “The Coverup of the Century,” we exclusively investigated why the Chinese leadership encouraged Chinese people to travel abroad while placing a nationwide lockdown.

Did the CCP simply want to cover up the source of the pandemic? Or did they have more sinister motives in mind, like an intentional spreading of the virus to the rest of the world? In this episode of the China Angle, we delve into these questions.