New Audio Proves Joe Biden Lied; Implicated in Criminal Investigation

Over the past few weeks, stories have continued to unfold with information about the Biden family and their possible connections to Ukrainian and Chinese businesses. The stories center on Hunter Biden, son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. They began with an apparent link to a hard drive containing details of Hunter’s drug use and sexual activities with multiple women. The drive also included details of Hunter’s business dealings with a Ukrainian company and discussions over profit sharing possibly involving Joe Biden. Last weekend, information came out linking Hunter Biden to several billion-dollar business deals with Chinese companies, deals that may also involve the Biden family.

I have to admit, Looking through multiple papers and studying materials from both the American and Chinese sides brought serious concerns. To find out more, I spoke with Chinese sources who are familiar with the princeling business operations in question. After considering all of this information, I came to the conclusion that Joe Biden may be deeply compromised.

This is an extremely important topic for this election but also for government in general. The American public needs to know what the Chinese Communist Party is capable of and their systematic ways of achieving political goals. They need to understand that this can happen to many American politicians, whether Democrats or Republicans. This is not only an issue of a politician’s character. It is a question of national security.

The CCP attempts to influence American politicians for a purpose. They want to control these leaders. To do so, they use a methodology that has been tried extensively by the Party and has been proven very effective.

What is it and how does it work? We begin with a look at several billion-dollar business deals between members of the Biden family and Chinese companies. These are deals that happened after Joe Biden became the Vice President of the United States. Last Saturday, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, former Lieutenant of the US Navy, Tony Bobulinski, made this statement before the Trump/Biden presidential debate as an invited guest of the president.