Compare Trump and Biden’s Chinese Business Dealings: Who Is Compromised?

Today is Election Day. Today, we are facing the most important election in this nation’s history, and America faces a profound threat, not to its physical existence but to the very truths this country is built upon. That threat comes from a decline in faith in these truths, once held to be self-evident.

Among many other factors is the infiltration of the Chinese communist regime into almost every aspect of American society to corrupt America to its very core.

To understand both candidates’ stances on China, and to evaluate whether they are vulnerable to or have been compromised by the Chinese communist regime, is critically important. Because of that, I would like to compare allegations about Joe Biden’s Chinese business dealings and Donald Trump’s China bank account. We will take a look at how they responded to these allegations. We will also examine their China stances over the years. We will lay out the facts and encourage you to decide for yourselves which side might have a real problem.